Say no to uranium mining at the Grand Canyon

By Candidate for Governor Steve Farley
To what lengths will Trump go to destroy Arizona?
From the news that broke just a few days ago, apparently much further than we had ever imagined.
The Hill recently reported that President Trump is considering lifting the Obama-era ban on Uranium mining in northern Arizona — a ban that was put in place to protect one of our state’s and country’s most beautiful and breathtaking regions.
Mining in that fragile area would destroy a significant part of our landscape forever. It would also cause undue risks to our groundwater and soil — risks that could lead to an unmitigated disaster.
Arizonans have a deep appreciation for our natural treasures like the Grand Canyon but we need to fight to protect it. 
While we haven’t heard much out of the governor’s office on this topic, we can safely assume that Governor Ducey will no doubt fall right in line, just as he did with Graham-Cassidy.
Governor Ducey is much more concerned with political advancement in DC and helping his special interest friends than helping Arizona. The Koch Brothers have attempted for years to fund efforts to remove protections preventing mining in the regions around the Grand Canyon.
Now with Trump AND Ducey at the helm, they might just pull it off.
Arizona deserves a leader who won’t put Arizonans, our natural resources, or the beauty of our state in jeopardy to please their donors. 
Let’s take this fight to Ducey, Trump, and their backward agenda.