Proven conservative leadership

By David Gowan
When I was first elected to Arizona House of Representatives, it didn’t take long for my principles to collide head on with the broken political status quo.
You see, this was back in 2009. Governor Napolitano had just left office, and my class of newly-elected conservative colleagues and I were eager to get to work on scaling back the state’s bloated budget and bureaucracy.
Those plans were quickly dashed though, when the liberal Republican leadership dropped its own pork-laden budget bill on our desks and demanded our votes.
We were told, in essence, to stand down. To set aside our principles and campaign promises, and go along with their plan. We were even threatened with retaliation if we refused.
But refuse we did, because it was the right thing to do for the people of Arizona. We held out and in the end we prevailed, achieving deeper spending cuts.
That’s how Arizona’s Liberty Caucus was born… and seven years later, I am tremendously proud to serve as one of its leaders and as the Speaker of the Arizona House.
Over time we grew our ranks to put an END to that broken political status quo in Arizona. And we’ve gotten tremendous things done in recent years, from balancing the state budget and cutting burdensome regulations to getting greater control over illegal immigration to protecting the Second Amendment and the rights of the unborn.
Now I am running for Congress to bring that same effective conservative leadership to Washington, D.C.
The broken political status quo in Washington has resulted in $19 trillion in debt (and counting), massively bloated federal bureaucracies, an unstable economy, border chaos and a weaker America on the world stage.
The stakes are high, and time after time the Republican “leadership” on Capitol Hill has failed us. They refuse to take the bold stands necessary to rein in the liberal agenda and get America back on track.
They have rightly lost the trust of the American people.
And that’s why I am running – I am fighting to win and lead for ALL of us.
I truly hope to count on your support in the weeks and months ahead. If you’d like to learn more about how you can get involved and make Washington “Respect the West!”, please contact me at
For America,
David Gowan
Candidate for Congress (Arizona – 1)