From Prop 123–WATCH: Fred DuVal's Support

Fred DuVal, the 2014 Democratic nominee for Governor, just endorsed Proposition 123.
Read his statement, here.
He is standing shoulder to shoulder with Governor Ducey and thousands of parents and educators to put our kids and teachers first. And we’ve got an new TV ad to prove it. Watch the video here.
Mr. DuVal and Governor Ducey don’t always agree but they agree Prop 123 is a necessary first step towards improving Arizona’s public schools.
Prop 123 is a perfect example of what Arizonans can accomplish when we work together.
They recognize just how important it is for us to inject $3.5 billion into public K-12 schools over the next 10 years without raising taxes.
We are proud that Democrats and Republicans are putting partisan politics aside and working together to get our schools the resources they need.
Join us, Fred DuVal, Governor Doug Ducey and countless others in supporting Proposition 123, and lend a hand to ensure this passes on May 17.
Team Prop 123