Press Release: Poll Shows AZ Gubernatorial Election Wide Open

Cave Creek, AZ – Citing a recent poll showing the governor’s race is up-for-grabs, new entrant in the race, Frank Riggs, an Arizona businessman and former U.S. Congressman, touted his success in defeating Democratic candidates in a congressional district where Democrats enjoyed an almost 20-point registration advantage. The poll by Republican pollster Susquehanna Polling and Research suggests that over half of voters are undecided and the race is a toss-up between whoever wins the Republican nomination and the presumed Democratic nominee.
“I twice defeated incumbent Democrats,” Riggs said. “And I did so while building a strongly conservative voting record that also appealed to independents and conservative (“Reagan”) Democrats.”
The Riggs Record includes:
Leader of the Gang of 7 that exposed the House Bank scandal and other congressional abuses, and co-signer of the Contract With America, which set the stage for the Republican takeover of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years.
Co-author of the Congressional Accountability Act forcing Congress to live under the same laws they impose on the American people.
Co-sponsor of the bills forcing Bill Clinton to sign legislation balancing the federal budget, cutting taxes and requiring able-bodied welfare recipients to work.
Author of the Charter School Expansion Act of 1998 pushing federal education funds out of Washington to help new charter schools with their start-up needs. Clinton signed Riggs’ bill in 1998, two months before Riggs and his fellow House Republicans voted to impeach him.
Riggs’ pro-life and pro-family voting record also attracted support from the NRA and won him accolades from national organizations supporting school choice, private property rights, taxpayers, small business and free enterprise.
“I have the leadership experience and courage to make the tough decisions facing our state,” said Riggs. For more information on Riggs’ record go to