Political Rankings

With the college football playoff upcoming and the college basketball season in full swing, many are paying attention to various rankings.  Here are some as they relate to interesting, future elections:
SCOTTSDALE MAYOR 2020 (Jim Lane is term-limited)

  1. Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp
  2. Councilwoman Virginia Korte
  3. Any warm body
  4. John Karolzak

PHOENIX MAYOR (Special Election March 12, 2019)

  1. Former Councilwoman Kate Gallego
  2. Former Councilman Danny Valenzuela

U.S. SENATE 2020 (Democrat)

  1. Ruben Gallego
  2. Mark Kelly
  3. Grant Woods

SCOTTSDALE CITY COUNCIL 2020 (No rankings yet.  Potential candidates listed)
*Barry Graham
*Christian Serena
*Virginia Korte (unlikely to run)
*Guy Phillips (unlikely to run)
*Jason Alexander
*Mike Norton
*Bill Crawford
*Howard Myers
*Maryann McAllen (per Mike Norton)
*John Little (per Mike Norton)
*Kevin Maxwell
*Becca Linning
*Tammy Caputi