Please Support Guy Phillips for Re-election!

By Bob and  Kathy  Littlefield
Dear Friends:
Councilmember Guy Phillips just announced he is running for re-election to the Scottsdale City Council in the 2016 city election. We are supporting Guy and urge all of you to do so also. While we don’t agree with Guy on every issue, he has been a strong and consistent opponent of the parasitic development, supported by the City Council majority, which threatens Scottsdale’s special character and high quality of life. He has also been a fierce opponent of the wasteful spending that plagues our city government. We need to keep Guy’s voice on the Scottsdale City Council.
Unfortunately the special interests will be pulling out all the stops to defeat Guy. No doubt they will try to drown him in a tidal wave of special interest campaign money. So Guy will need lots of help. You can contribute to Guy’s campaign online via PayPal or by a check made out to “Committee to Elect Guy Phillips.” You can mail checks to Guy at 7131 E. Cholla St., Scottsdale, AZ 85254.
As the campaign progresses Guy will need help with making phone calls, displaying yard signs, distributing literature, etc. If you can help Guy in any way you can contact him directly by email at or by phone at 480-560-6124.
Guy is holding an event on October 14th to announce his campaign for re-election. See the attached flyer for details.
Thank you for your consideration.
Bob & Kathy Littlefield