Pepto For The Yeah Butters

BASIS Scottsdale’s recognition by U.S. News & World Reports as the #1 high school in America should be reason for all in Arizona to applaud the achievement.  Instead, we actually hear criticism, especially from the Arizona Republic and liberal special interest groups.
An acute observer on Facebook labeled this cartel the “Yeah, But” crowd.  And he’s right.  They have diarrhea of the mouth, seeking to undermine the accomplishment, Governor Ducey and how it’s a disruptive to Arizona public schools.  They constitute the Lament Lobby and its too bad Pepto Bismol can’t be used to constipate their mouths rather than troubled butts.
They have too many Asians! They have too many whites!
Notwithstanding the reverse racism proffered by these critiques any school, anywhere, that becomes number one at anything is likely doing something right we can all learn from.
And that’s exactly what the Lament Lobby needs to do.  After all think how spectacular their failure has been versus charter schools, organizations that actually get less money per student than traditional public schools.
Rather than whine and simply ask for more money the Lamenters should reform and recognize the incredible advantages they have to compete for students and results.  
Their campuses are better, far better than most charter and private schools.  So are their athletic programs.
They have historical ties to the community to call upon, and alumni networks second to none if only the Lamenters could realize how to tap them for additional financial support.  This is something private and charter schools do very well.
Take Chaparral and Saguaro high schools in Scottsdale for example.  The number of successful athletes and business people that graduated from these schools are numerous.  Yet, the schools and the district have anemic results getting additional financial support from those that benefitted from their hallways.
All of Arizona, left and right, should be applauding the incredible achievement of the home grown BASIS schools founded by Michael and Olga Block rather than impersonating Beavis and Butthead.