Paradise Valley's Leaders Agree: Jerald Bien-Willner for Town Council

Paradise Valley’s Leaders Agree: Vote Jerald Bien-Willner for Paradise Valley Town Council
Dear fellow Paradise Valley Resident:
It’s no secret that Paradise Valley is an exceptional place to live. And it’s due to the fact that we have a rich tradition of talented volunteer leadership on our Town Council and Town boards — individuals who have worked diligently to improve our quality of life.
I’m proud to have the endorsement of several of those individuals who have made such a difference in our community, including:
• Mayor Scott LeMarr
• Councilman Paul Dembow
• Councilman David Sherf
• Councilwoman Lisa Trueblood
• Former Councilman Dan Schweiker
And all of my colleagues on the Planning Commission:
• Planning Commission Chairman Rick Mahrle
• Planning Commissioner Tom Campbell
• Planning Commissioner Pat Hurley
• Planning Commissioner Dolf Strom
• Planning Commissioner Jon Wainwright
• Planning Commissioner Jeff Wincel

I’m asking you to join these leaders in supporting my candidacy for Town Council because I want to protect what makes Paradise Valley so special. This is an important election for our community because so many Town Council seats are open, and it’s important that we fill those seats with dedicated, principled leadership. That’s the kind of leadership I’ll provide to represent you.
I thank you for your interest and support and welcome your input. Please visit my website at, or you may contact me any time by e-mail at or by phone at 602-908-7227.