Howard Myers: There Are Things Worth Preserving

By Shea Lincoln Howard Myers moved to North Scottsdale in 1996 and quickly got involved in local politics. He was a vocal and tireless supporter of the creation of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve but corrected us when asked if he was a pioneer of the effort. He says that honor belongs to a long list of advocates . They include … Read More


The Scottsdale Independent is an invaluable source of local news.  And so it was again with a recent posting of an opinion piece by the former First Gentleman of Scottsdale, Larry Manross.  His wife, Mary, served as Scottsdale Mayor from 2000-2008. Click here to read the full opinion piece. It wasn’t much of a surprise that Larry declared his support … Read More

Scottsdale’s Dos Equis Woman

The City’s Most Interesting By Scottsdale Pinetop Teacher. Preacher. Author. Activist. It’s quite an impressive title for one of Scottsdale’s most interesting residents. And a title that fits Paula Sturgeon perfectly. A long-term resident of Scottsdale, Paula has become one of the city’s leading advocates impacting some of Scottsdale’s key decisions. Born in Kansas City, her family moved to Arizona … Read More

Further Observations On The Scottsdale Mayor’s Race

The results were fascinating on August 4th, as former Councilmembers Dave Ortega and Lisa Borowsky now head to the run-off in November. But a deeper dive into the results are even more fascinating. As he did when he ran for Mayor for the first time in 2004 against Mary Manross, Ortega did very well in the southern precincts that tend … Read More

Da Weasel & Da Winners

Following elections, and Scottsdale’s August 4th primary is no different, there is a temptation to declare winners and losers.  We will be no exception today.  But we seek to do so in a more insightful and entertaining way. Let’s start with the Biggest Loser.  And no we are not talking about the buffoonish and defeated Scottsdale City Council candidate Michael … Read More

#LocalBuzz: Q & A With Scottsdale City Council Candidate Tom Durham

By Scottsdale Pinetop Tom Durham is one of the six top vote-getters in the recent August 4th primary who will continue on as they seek to fill three seats on the City Council on the November 3rd general election. Mr. Durham gathered 25,140 votes in the primary election, which placed him fourth on the list of six candidates. The other … Read More

Scottsdale Mayoral Candidate David Ortega Can’t Hide From His Opposition To The McDowell Sonoran Preserve, The City’s Greatest Achievement

(SCOTTSDALE) The greatest achievement in Scottsdale’s history is the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. It was made possible by leadership and sacrifice. And now one of the loudest voices that tried to stand in the way is running for Mayor. In 2004, David Ortega, running for Mayor for the first time in a race he would eventually lose in a landslide, led … Read More

Andrea Alley — Next Generation Leader in Scottsdale

By Recker McDowell — Andrea Alley is one of Scottsdale’s next generation of leaders and advocates impacting the city’s path on key issues. Alley first got engaged in Scottsdale politics and community affairs during the 2016 vote on the Desert Discovery Center. Alley, who lives in southern Scottsdale, then got involved in the redevelopment of Papago Plaza. She was also … Read More


It was the landmark ABC show a few years back.  And it clearly describes landlord lobbyist David Ortega’s quinquennial-like standing for Scottsdale Mayor. There are many reasons Ortega will never be Mayor of Scottsdale. But the latest may be our favorite and take the cake. Despite Ortega’s campaign resembling one Rip Van Winkle might have run, he actually did get … Read More

First Takes On Scottsdale’s First Mayoral Debate

The just concluded Scottsdale mayoral debate, the campaign’s first, was hosted by the community’s Chuck Todd, Independent Newspapers’ Terrance Thornton. Here are the highlights: *Former City Councilman David Ortega’s “State of the Union” backdrop gets best Zoom look.  Bob Littlefield gets the worst for looking like he was playing a DJ in a dorm room. *Ortega’s parroting of Littlefield’s anti-City … Read More