Odds & Ends To The Week

*There’s been a lot of talk (and evidence) of southern Scottsdale, specifically near and along McDowell Road, being the next hot Valley neighborhood. And here’s more evidence: Mark/Taylor Residential’s new apartment community on McDowell is so successful it’s started purchasing adjacent properties for additional parking. And up the street a respected developer is putting in for-sale, contemporary-style condominiums for upwards of $500,000 a pop . . . on Granite Reef.
*There’s a big disparity in cash on hand between the long-shot campaign of Bob Littlefield trying to unseat the popular current Mayor of Scottsdale, Jim Lane. Littlefield reports $24,000 whereas Lane has $140,000.
*The campaign to legalize marijuana is going to lose in November 53.5%-47.5%.
*After Lane defeats Littlefield for Mayor this year (and it will be his last term due to term limits) will Scottsdale’s 2020 race feature Virginia Korte vs Guy Phillips? Speaking of Phillips, is he going through a political transformation? Typically railing against any and all development proposals in the community he just voted to increase height and add 1,000 apartments to a well-connected developer in Scottsdale.

*What Democrat is going to challenge Doug Ducey for Governor in 2018? Right now the names being discussed wouldn’t make a JV team.
*Increasing doubts state lawmaker Warren Peterson will win a tough State Senate race against a well-regarded challenger in his Gilbert-based legislative district.
*A new Arizona State Senate President and Speaker of the House from the same legislative district? Appears quite possible with Steve Yarbrough and J.D. Mesnard.
*That was arrogant: Without permission and in violation of local customs Kate Brophy-McGee started erecting political road signs in LD 28. We get that she has a tough race against Democrat Eric Meyer but how about some more integrity?