Odds & Ends To The Week

*Bob Littlefield still hasn’t called Jim Lane to congratulate him on the Scottsdale Mayor’s race.  And they’ve been together at events.  #Classless
*Are the Democrats going to produce any sacrificial lamb to run against Doug Ducey in 2018?  Or just pass altogether?
*A big light rail fight could be coming to Chandler, Arizona
*Soon, Cave Creek Mayor Vince Francia will ride off into the political sunset.  How he has ruled over the most ungovernable town in Arizona with decency and distinction for so long is one of the most underappreciated municipal accomplishments of our time.
*Is a new user soon coming to the old Barney’s space at Scottsdale Fashion Square?
*Marijuana legalization will be coming back in 2020 not 2018
*In our opinion the worst and most ethically deficient political consultant in Arizona today is former Arizona legislator Phil Hubbard