Norma Alvarez: A Liberal, Glendale Voice For Good

With the exception of Bill de Blasio’s New York City where the mayor there is declaring war on charter schools, educational choice is gaining more acceptance across the country to the constant displeasure of teacher’s unions. They can block for a time but not forever the tide of history. This is the lesson of all civil rights, of which school choice can rightly be called one. CMAlvarez_Bevel
Here in Phoenix a new group, despite protestations of cooperation to the contrary, are taking dead aim at many of the dead end schools in the core of Phoenix with an insurgence of new charter schools there.
But it’s in Glendale, Arizona where we gain another reminder of how far school choice has come, and why it ultimately will be the norm, as we see in higher education.
There a proud Latina named Norma Alvarez has embraced school choice. Liberals it seems only applaud political courage when it is Republicans going against their grain. After all, look how carnivorous they get when an aspiring donkey embraces pro-life policies. But if the GOP wants to hug taxes, immigration or other hot and little button issues well, that’s an elephant of a different color.
That’s why the more Cory Bookers (former Newark Mayor and now United States Senator who also embraces school choice) and Norma Alvarezes there are, the more quickly every student can be emancipated to their best possible educational future.
By bucking natural allies, Alvarez has rightfully and courageously added a key chapter to her better history book.