Our opinions are generally pro-business.  And they can be quite lengthy, depending on the subject.  But sometimes proposals are just so gross they deserve a quick no and escort to the door.
An example this week was a letter from City of Scottsdale Planning Department staff back to AMA Builders, LLC about a rezoning proposal in north Scottsdale at 118th Street and Jomax.
The rezoning proposal has many problems but especially the reference whereby “application requests a zoning district that increases the density by 266 percent.”
The development has many problems and many opponents and its chances for success are about as likely as David Garcia’s running for Governor.  And staff’s rhetorical body slam ain’t going to help.  
Should a 266 percent increase in density alone be a disqualifier?  No, but there better be some very compelling reasons to reward an application so.  Public benefits.  Public amenities.  Public support.  Help for neighbors. Tax revenue.  Impressive design.  You get the idea.
But there’s none in this case.  This residential proposal is far from Scottsdale’s biggest project at the moment.  It is a reminder, however ,that it is OK for its leaders to say no, even if they are generally pro-business.