News Release: Meet the man who will defeat John McCain

My name is Alex Meluskey, and I’m running for the U.S. Senate in Arizona against John McCain because a seat in the U.S. Senate is more than just the comfortable job of one man. Arizona deserves better.
As a husband and father I am running out of a deep calling to stand for our Constitution and our Bill of Rights — to stand for and revive our military, to stand with our veterans and fix the broken VA system, and to foster strong national security policies to protect the American homeland. These are some of the strong conservative principles that I stand for.
I have fought for conservative values my entire life, as a true champion of tax reform, the FAIRtax State Director in Arizona, and a syndicated talk show radio host.
I know firsthand the struggles of small businesses even during good economic times. My life has been about my family, and instilling those valued conservative principles into mine and Roberta’s children.
John McCain has been in Washington for more than 32 years, which has clearly put him out of touch with the citizens of Arizona. John McCain is Hillary Clinton’s favorite republican and the Obama administration’s partner in foreign policy, and as you know, he is running for re-election in 2016.

All I am asking from you is to share my story and help me spread the word about why I am taking on this challenge.
This race is about much more than John McCain and it is not certainly about me — It is about giving the citizens of Arizona the representation they deserve.
Your vision and mine is of a U.S. Senator who will ALWAYS stand with American veterans — Someone who will stand with the millions of small business owners, single moms and dads struggling to figure out how to keep it all going in a dangerous world.
John McCain is a political survivor of the worst kind. He will ignore us. Then he will attack us. Then, WE WILL WIN — Because as much money, connections, and favors McCain may have to call in, he cannot defeat us standing shoulder to shoulder against him and his machine.
Thank you for your time,
Alex Meluskey,
U.S. Senate Candidate – Arizona