News Release: McCain Endorses Hallman For State Treasurer

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A Message From Senator John McCain
Dear Friend:
Arizona is at an important crossroads. It’s critical that we have strong, conservative leadership at the statewide level to help improve our economy and enable us to achieve our best possible future.
The Arizona State Treasurer can serve a crucial role in our State’s position in the country. We need someone committed to fiscal responsibility to manage our tax dollars and our state’s investments, and someone with a respected public profile. There’s only one responsible, conservative choice in the upcoming election.
I strongly encourage you to support Hugh Hallman, a lifelong conservative Republican and the distinguished former Mayor of Tempe. Hugh has shown a strong commitment to limited government, and ensuring the services government does provide are done in an efficient, effective way. He has been an advocate for conservative causes his whole life, and is an ideal candidate to serve us as our State Treasurer.
I hope you will consider supporting Hugh as well, and I ask you to take a moment and make a contribution to his campaign at the link below.
Thank you for your consideration, and please remember to support Hugh Hallman for State Treasurer in the upcoming Republican primary election.
John McCain
United States Senator