News Release From Michele Reagan: Creating a More Business-Friendly Arizona

Building a stronger Arizona is what we all want. Bringing economic recovery, high-paying jobs and revenue to our state is the best way we can elevate Arizona and keep our standard of living high.Screen-Shot-2013-10-30-at-10_34_40-AM2-78220_641x340
It is now time to figure out the best use of our resources to attract new businesses to Arizona and work to adjust our regulatory system to give Arizona the most favorable business environment possible. When companies weigh our year-round great climate, our access to interstate transportation, our well-educated workforce AND then they see a favorable regulatory environment, then those companies will want to expand into our state.
One step in building a more business-friendly environment is to provide small businesses with a bill of rights. I co-sponsored HB2260, small business bill of rights, which was signed into law by the Governor on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.
HB2260 requires state agencies to create and conspicuously post a small business bill of rights on their websites containing all applicable and agency-specific statutory rights. This bill of rights must include the process by which small businesses can file a complaint with the Ombudsman over administrative acts of government agencies.
In 1995, the office of Ombudsman-Citizens’ Aide was created as a way to make our state government more responsive to Arizona citizens. When a citizen feels they have been unfairly treated or unduly targeted by a state administrator, agency, department, board, or commission, they may contact the Ombudsman to help resolve the dispute. Now, small businesses have that same remedy.
Before HB2260, small businesses could be audited by government agencies without any sort of recourse in a system that was ripe for abuse. HB2260 is a major step in creating a business-friendly economic environment and helping to attract new businesses to Arizona. In addition, the Ombudsman must now prepare an annual report documenting the scope and severity of reported violations and abuse by state agencies.
HB2260 is a step in the right direction toward building a stronger Arizona and making our business environment more attractive to companies looking to relocate.
As the vice-chairman of the Commerce Committee, I believe that we need to create a business-friendly environment in Arizona with a favorable regulatory system that will entice businesses to relocate and bring jobs to Arizona and help grow the businesses already here. As your Secretary of State, I will work hard to continually keep Arizona front-of-mind with businesses looking to relocate.
As I run for Secretary of State, help me build a stronger Arizona, attract new businesses and jobs, and increase our state’s revenue.
Thank you.