New Conservative Solutions PAC Ad Highlights What’s At Stake For Super Tuesday Voters

WASHINGTON, DC – Following Marco Rubio’s strong comeback in South Carolina, Conservative Solutions PAC, the Super PAC supporting Rubio’s presidential campaign, today released a new ad highlighting what is at stake in the 2016 presidential campaign, and why Marco Rubio is the conservative choice voters can count on.  The ad will air in Super Tuesday states.
V/O:               We live in dangerous times.  Terrorism growing.  The economy teetering.  The Supreme Court in the balance.
Trump.  Erratic, unreliable.
Cruz.  Calculated, underhanded.
The choice we can count on?
Marco Rubio.
“A disciple of Reagan.”
“Smart” and “Forceful.”
“The Democrats’ Nightmare.”
Marco Rubio, the Republican who can beat Hillary and inspire a new generation.
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