My Next Steps

By Marco Rubio
On Saturday night at the debate, I dropped the ball. I want you to know that will never happen again.
We are heading to South Carolina, Nevada and beyond. Make no mistake: We are going to win this nomination.
Throughout my life, I’ve known tough times. In New Hampshire last night, I told the story of how when I was young, at one point, my father lost his job as an apartment manager and my family had to move out of our Miami apartment, all in the same week. He had to move clear across the country to Las Vegas to look for work, and the job he finally found, after 20 years as a bartender who’d finally moved his way up a bit, had him starting from scratch again as a busboy.
I know how to come from behind. We’re going to show America what leadership and a vision for a New American Century look like.
If you heard what Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton said last night, you know the stakes: If one of them wins this fall, they will keep up President Obama’s efforts to change our country beyond recognition.

I shudder to think what another eight years of President Obama’s liberal leadership and lawless actions will look like. This is our chance to ensure that doesn’t happen.
I am the only conservative candidate who can unite our party and beat Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders this fall.
If you want a Republican White House next year instead, with the ideas we need to restore America in the 21st Century, then I need your support.
Again, this is just the beginning. I hope I’ll have your support as we continue this journey.
Marco Rubio
Republican Candidate for President