My Final Vote Was To Protect Our Children by Michele Reagan

I’m pleased to say my final vote as a State Senator was to create a new agency that will protect our most vulnerable citizens – our children. The Senate unanimously passed a bill creating a stand-alone, cabinet agency whose core purpose is the protection and safety of our children. This is an historic moment for our state.
The Department of Child Safety stands as an independent agency that is more accountable and transparent than the agency it replaces. My exit vote, creating a more efficient, streamlined system to better serve our children, is something I am very proud to have cast. I hope future legislatures will continue to build on these reforms.
I appreciate all the leadership and dedication shown by Governor Brewer, my colleagues and new agency Director Charles Flanagan for their willingness to see this through.
Improvements to the new Department of Child Safety
• Increased resources to address existing case backlog
• Additional funding for preventative services
• Modernized Hotline reporting system
• Enhanced database systems to increase departmental coordination
I am proud of my record and the things we have accomplished a legislator but creating this agency has to rank near the top. I’m confident we have provided it with the resources it needs to be successful.