Guest Editorial: Moving Scottsdale Forward

By Scottsdale Pinetop
It’s hard to believe that a city as beautiful and unique as Scottsdale still needs improvements. But with the growing popularity of the community from visitors and locals alike, the city has not kept pace with the crucial infrastructure improvements it needs.
This fall, Scottsdale voters may be faced with a bond request on the ballot as a way to generate $350 million which would go towards a series of projects – from improving our roads to restoring our flood control.
However, for the City Council, deciding on the exact dollar amount and process has not been so easy. Some council members believe that the best way forward is to put it to the voters and ask for a bond request. Others disagree.

Scottsdale voters have been tough to convince when voting on bonds. In 2015, voters passed only two of the six bond requests. In both 2010 and 2013, voters rejected all bond requests in the aftermath of the Great Recession. The last major bond request voters supported for city infrastructure projects was 18 years ago.
The City council is expected to continue the conversation tomorrow.
While roads and sewers may not be the most glamorous part element of government, it is an area that the City of Scottsdale must address to make the community better. It’s long past time for Scottsdale voters to stop delaying its rendezvous with reality and pay for the basics for an even better community. If votes fail to do so again it would be like dressing up for a ball only to forget underwear, bra and deodorant. They aren’t the most glamorous part of the outfit, but they are necessary just like infrastructure is for making outfits and communities function well.