More Mickelson. And Why Arizona Should Make A Pitch For Him

Our previous editorial focused on the wisdom of reforming tax policy to recruit the ultra-rich to Arizona like Phil Mickelson.2013 U.S. Open
And why shouldn’t the Grand Canyon State? After all, the competition is stiff with no income tax states like Texas and Nevada.
Furthermore, the private sector constantly engages in a never ending quest to land the whales. At casinos. In hotels. Country clubs. Restaurants. New homes. Season tix. Sponsors. So if Adam Smith’s disciples understand the benefit of attracting the biggest wallets why shouldn’t government?
If politics is a concern be as radically appealing to aiding the poor as one might be to recruiting the rich. Just like anti-illegal immigration activists should be the biggest proponents for legal immigration and the ingenuity and entrepreneurs it yields, unless their true colors can be found on a Confederate flag.
In a recent Arizona Republic guest opinion discussing his activism with the recent MLK fraternity incident at Arizona State University Reverend Jarrett Maupin reminded us of Dr. King’s question as to whether we would be extremists for love or hate? Well, when it comes to good economics ought we not consider being extremists for rich AND poor? Perhaps it could yield a new way to help the “middle class” we keep hearing the Democrats feign interest in yet have precious few practical ideas to actually achieve.