Message from Scott Walker

The United States Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the challenge against Wisconsin’s Voter ID law this week is a victory for common sense, democracy, and the one-person, one-vote principle that anchors our democracy.
When voters cheat and try to cast multiple ballots, it hurts everybody. It cheapens our elections, throws the results into doubt, and tarnishes our democracy.
If you agree, please stand with my conservative grassroots campaign. Your contribution of $10, $35, $50, $100, $175, or even $250 will put you in the front ranks of the growing movement that is doing its utmost to get Wisconsin — and our nation — back on track.
Americans feel like we are fighting for our lives. Obama-style Big Government has infiltrated every corner and cranny of our lives. From the government takeover of healthcare to micromanaging our economy, Americans are suffering from too much government. By supporting my campaign, you will say in a loud, clear, conservative voice that Big Government’s days will soon be over.
The Liberals’ love of Big Government knows no bounds. But every day, conservative leaders prove that small, smart, limited, and Constitution-based government works much better. As Governor of Wisconsin, I took on the Big Government Labor Bosses and we won. Our Walker Administration took on the Democrats’ overspending, overtaxing, overregulating, and over-borrowing and we won. Every time the Obama-Clinton Liberals tried to pull us in the Big Government direction, we pushed back hard. And we won

Whether it’s photo IDs for voters or cutting government spending, you and I know what it takes to make things right — conservatives from across the country banding together and working to enact bold, conservative reforms. Please become a leader of my grassroots team today with a contribution of $10 or $100 or $1,000 or whatever amount works for you. Together, we will make a difference.
Governor Scott Walker
P.S. We were told that requiring a voter to have a photo ID was politically incorrect. The Liberals tried to make us feel guilty about protecting ballot security. We didn’t flinch. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but it’s always right. Our political rivals are full of certainty and swagger but guess what: they are usually wrong. Stand with me and we will take on the vital issues that will shape the future of Wisconsin and our nation. Your financial leadership right now will mean the world to me.