Littlefield’s Low-Road Longing For Entitlement

After losing the Republican nomination for the Arizona House of Representatives in 2014 Bob Littlefield found himself without a political title for the first time since 2002.
He couldn’t stand it.  So he’s running for Scottsdale Mayor against a former friend and ally. He’s running despite his wife also serving on the Scottsdale City Council at the same time. And he’s running despite being on every side of every issue from density and heights to the Desert Discovery Center to taking money from special interests and lobbyists.  littlefield at desk
So complete is Littlefield’s hypocrisy on just about every issue in Scottsdale that his acolytes appear to be resulting to rumor mongering in their quixotic quest to displace the popular and reform-oriented Mayor Lane.
The latest is suggesting that Lane would only serve two years if voters elected him for his final term as Mayor later this year because he wants to run for Treasurer?  Nice try.
That scenario is no more plausible than Littlefield being elected and then running anew for the Arizona House of Representatives.  But don’t take our word for it.  Lane’s commitment to his final term is easily confirmed.  Just call his office.  See what he says. 
As someone of great integrity we think the answer is undoubtedly a commitment to serve fully those who elected him.
But could the same be said of Littlefield?  It conjures up any number of scenarios about his future, being the never ending political plotter he is.   Our favorite rumor is this one heard around the water cooler.  After being defeated for Mayor Bob REALLY can’t stand being out of office.  So he actually runs against his wife for City Council in 2018.
Don’t laugh.  Stranger things have happened, especially in Littlefield Land.