Let's Put Scottsdale First!

By Scottsdale Councilmember Virginia Korte
Since 1989, Scottsdale’s citizens have demonstrated great foresight, fiscal responsibility, and logical long-range planning having passed capital bond projects totaling over $700 million dollars.  Such purposeful investments resulted in the funding of what continues to make our city thrive and our citizens’ quality of life stellar: libraries, parks, senior centers, public safety, transportation needs, a Cactus League baseball stadium, cultural and visual amenities, and so much more.
The financial impact of the 2015 bond’s approval ($95.5 million) will vary from resident to resident; the average value of a home in Scottsdale is $371,000; thus, a successful bond election will cost each household $3.50 per month.  While the individual tax obligation seems minimal, the benefits for every resident and visitor are profound.  There are six questions to support that will improve our parks, community facilities, transportation infrastructure, public safety and city-wide technology.   Together we will be investing in our community, enhancing our daily lives, and improving areas in need of repair while at the same time developing an economic environment that attracts tourists, businesses and creates employment opportunities.    Even with the approval of the 2015 Bond Proposal, Scottsdale’s property tax rate will remain one of the lowest in the Valley.
November 3, 2015, is the day when we, as voters in Scottsdale, have the opportunity to affirm our dedication to our city’s future in a manner that benefits residents and visitors alike.  The 2015 Proposed Bond Program for the City of Scottsdale aims to put nearly $100 million dollars in improvements where it belongs: in our city.
Let’s Put Scottsdale First!  Vote YES!
Virginia Korte
Scottsdale City Council Member