Let's Debate

by Carly Fiorina
Fellow Conservative,
Fox News recently announced how they will select participants for the first presidential campaign debate.
I’ll skip straight to the point: I look forward to participating in the Fox News debate. I’ll make it clear that I’m ready to take on Hillary Clinton.
But I need your help to get on that debate stage. In order to secure an invitation, I need to grow my team of supporters. Will you make a donation of $13 today to help me get on that debate stage?
I’m running for President because we need a leader we can actually trust in the White House.
In the business world, we don’t have the luxury of hiding from our problems until they go away, like Hillary does on the campaign trail. We have to actually accomplish something.
When I was hired to be CEO of Hewlett-Packard—the first woman in history to run a business so large—I found myself face-to-face with the biggest tech recession in history, and a market that was dramatically changing.
At HP, I wasn’t afraid to shake up the status quo. My decisions didn’t always make me popular—but they would ultimately prove to be the right ones.

Real leadership means making tough choices and taking responsibility. Real leadership means standing by your principles and answering the difficult questions. Real leadership means standing by your record, not hiding from it.
Real leadership means, honestly, the exact opposite of everything Hillary Clinton stands for. With your help, I’ll make that case during the debates.
Will you donate $13 today to help us amplify our message and secure a spot on the debate stage?
With your generous support, we will continue to grow the team and take the fight to Hillary Clinton.
If you’re ready to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, I need your help.
Thanks for your support!