Kissing Goodbye to 2021: Our New Year’s Resolutions for Scottsdale in 2022

I don’t know that there are too many people on this earth who will look back fondly on 2021. Much like its predecessor, it will be remembered for the pandemic that has harmed or killed so many, repeatedly ruined our plans, and has further divided our nation. While 2022 may be plenty more of the same, we have hope; hope that this variant won’t be so bad, that the vaccines and boosters will continue to work, and that we can FINALLY move our way out of this and go on with our lives.

So in the spirit of the battle-hardened yet hopeful spirit that we’ve developed over time, we’d like to share our resolutions for this upcoming year.

1. The pressure to be in good physical shape is very real here in Scottsdale. But in 2022, we won’t make any “going to the gym more often” resolutions. Sweatpants are acceptable, and we can hide our Covid 15 behind Zoom screens. We shall embrace the flab.

2. The service industry is critically important to our city, but the establishment owners have been hard hit by the pandemic, and their employees have felt the impact of Covid-craziness about as badly as anyone other than health care workers. As such, we resolve to go out to more new restaurants and to be exceptionally patient with all service employees.

3. We will be open-minded to new developments and will not be whipped up in a frenzy when any potential increase of the housing supply comes to the city council. We will not rubber stamp “No” on everything, and we will realize that saying Yes feels kind of good. Just build, baby!

4. We will reject red meat thrown by politicians, and will think critically about what a candidate could actually do if elected. Tell us a real plan about how you’re going to make Scottsdale more of a world-class city. Don’t tell me you’re going to stop all development or keep immigrants out. We deserve serious people running this city.

5. We will not be too hard on SUSD Governing Board members (except for Greenburg, he still needs to go), and we promise to support Superintendent Scott Menzel. He has a tough job, and he’s done a great job at it. They don’t deserve board meetings full of angry know-nothings.

6. We will go to more Spring Training games here. Scottsdale is incredibly fortunate to have so many of them, and they are a wonderful way to relax, have a few beverages, and catch some sunshine during the most beautiful time of the year. We will definitely not overlook this,

And finally…

7. We’re going to take our time and enjoy this life. We likely all have known someone whom this virus has taken from us too early. Life is short, it’s time for us to make sure we recognize its preciousness and enjoy it, because ya never know.

And now, the most overdone, annoying play on words in any given year: see you next year!