Kelli is the strongest woman I know

By. Dr. Michael Ward
Fellow Conservative,
My wife, Dr. Kelli Ward, is the most extraordinary woman I’ve ever known. Even though I see her every day, she still finds new ways to surprise me.
When we met in medical school, I knew she was something special. It wasn’t just the caring and the empathy she showed for her patients and fellow doctors, though that was remarkable. It was the laser-focus she put into whatever she was doing, and the skill and determination she used to solve problems and achieve her goals.
I’ve watched her do that for almost 20 years now—and that’s why it didn’t surprise me one bit to see her do those same things as a State Senator. It didn’t surprise me, but it still impressed me. The way she cares about the people in our community and the seriousness she puts into representing their views, even when she personally disagrees, is a model every elected official should aspire to.
Will you stand with Kelli and send a real, conservative representative of the people to the Senate? Your contribution of $50, $25, or even $10 will help voters get to know Kelli and why she’s the best choice.
I’ve seen my share of warriors, having risen to the rank of Colonel in the Air National Guard–and Kelli is a warrior! I know she will stand as strong as ever to shake up Washington, take on the lobbyists, and do what’s right for Arizona.
That’s why Kelli is the best choice to represent us in the U.S. Senate.
Dr. Michael Ward