Kate Brophy McGee Announces Candidacy for Arizona Senate

Phoenix, AZ – After hearing of Senator Driggs’ decision to not pursue a fourth term in the Arizona Senate, Kate Brophy McGee announced her intention to run for the newly vacated seat with the following statement:
“Senator Driggs and his family have had a long and distinguished career in public service for our great state. Senator Driggs has served his constituents in LD28 loyally and tirelessly. He has always served in the Legislature with integrity, nobility, and dignity. I’m proud of Senator Driggs’ accomplishments. In that legacy of strong, principled leadership, I am announcing my candidacy for the LD28 Senate. I am deeply grateful for Senator Driggs’ endorsement to kick off my campaign.
This is an important race for Arizona. I am ready, enthusiastic and prepared, and fully committed to winning this campaign and continuing my dedicated service to this state and my district. The campaign will focus on the issues that matter to Arizonans, and seek to build on the recent progress we have made in the economy, education, and providing for our most vulnerable citizens. We need a Senator who is able to work with the Republican majority and the Governor to advance sound public policy.”

Governor Ducey’s Statement
“I’m also excited to see Representative Brophy McGee take her skills to the Senate. I know she will continue to be a leader when it comes to advocating for women, children, public education and our state’s most vulnerable citizens. Representative Brophy McGee has demonstrated that if we put politics aside and work together, we can get positive things done for Arizonans. I am excited to continue working with her.”
President Biggs’ Statement
“We are fortunate that another experienced legislator, Rep. Kate Brophy McGee, has decided to step up and run for Adam’s seat. She is a tremendous talent and another strong voice for Legislative District 28. I look forward to welcoming Rep. Brophy McGee to the Senate in January.”