Justin Pierce Endorses Michele Reagan for Secretary of State

Phoenix, AZ – Senator Michele Reagan is proud to announce the endorsement of State Representative Justin Pierce in her bid for Arizona Secretary of State. Representative Pierce, who also vied for the Republican Secretary of State nomination, released the following statement supporting Senator Reagan and encouraging Republicans to unify their support behind Michele. Screen-Shot-2013-10-30-at-10_34_40-AM2-78220_641x340
“Running for Arizona Secretary of State was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. We ran a positive campaign and many thanks go out to all my supporters for their tireless efforts to help me win the Republican nomination. Even though we fell just short of our goal, the campaign reinforced my belief that if I didn’t win the nomination, Michele Reagan was the perfect candidate for Secretary of State. I am confident in her abilities to effectively and efficiently execute the duties of the Secretary of State and therefore, I proudly endorse her campaign.

From the outset I’ve maintained that if it wasn’t me who won the nomination, I couldn’t think of a person better suited for that office than Michele Reagan. During our years in the Legislature, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Michele on various issues facing Arizona. She always weighed issues carefully and cast her vote with consideration for all Arizonans. I have immense respect for Michele and know the Secretary of State’s office will be in knowledgeable, capable, and most importantly, honorable hands when Michele wins the General election.
Michele and I ran positive campaigns that focused on the issues and the citizens of Arizona. There were moments where the campaign became heated but Michele never leveled a personal attack at me or my family. We proved that despite a vigorous and intense campaign, civility can be maintained and candidates can come out friends on the other side.
Republicans and Independents need to rally around Michele and ensure she wins the race in November. She has the background, skillset and passion to be an effective Secretary of State. I am 100% committed to helping Michele win in November and I encourage my family, friends and supporters to join me.”
– Representative Justin Pierce