Join me

By Arnold Schwarzenegger
I’m proud to endorse my good friend John Kasich for President of the United States.
John knows that leadership is about serving people and he has a record of getting results. That’s exactly what’s needed in America right now.
Please join the team today and show your support for John’s campaign.
He not only led the effort to balance America’s budget for the first time since men walked on the moon, but he turned a $8 billion budget shortfall in Ohio into a $2 billion surplus.
Our country faces tremendous challenges right now but John knows, like I do, that it is still the greatest country in the world – no matter what anyone else says. He’s offering real, common-sense solutions to our greatest challenges.
It’s time to roll up our sleeves and do our part. Join me today and support John Kasich for President of the United States!
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Former Governor of California