Jerry Bien-Willner For Mayor Is Sweet Music For Paradise Valley

During the latter part of the tour de force musical that is Hamilton, the presidential election between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr comes to the fore.  Alexander Hamilton surprises the nation by siding with Jefferson, a rival with whom he rarely agreed.
We don’t liken ourselves to Hamilton but we do wish to plagiarize the JBWpoint.  Some times we have agreed with Paradise Valley Councilman Jerry Bien-Wilner (Jones Gordon School, Town Triangle) while other times we have parted ways (Ritz Carlton, single hauler trash service).
Still, we strongly recommend him as the next Mayor of Paradise Valley, an aspiration he announced days ago.
Because Bien-Willner is the exact opposite of what we are seeing in Washington, D.C. or even our State Capitol these days. Even in disagreement Bien-Willner is curious to discuss compromise and solutions.  And, he has a depth and decency that’s rare in politics, traits that will make him an apt and effective successor to Mayors Lemarr and Collins.
Speaking of which, getting Collins and Lemarr to agree on anything these days is impressive.  One time friends and allies they have largely been estranged in recent years.  But not, apparently, on the notion of Bien-Willner for Mayor.  They are both backing him.  As is the entirety of the Paradise Valley Town Council with whom Bien-Willner serves, with the exception of one who has talked of running against him.  That would be unwise.  For if all of a council with whom both serve side with Bien-Willner, at a time when there is overwhelming approval for the direction of Paradise Valley, what is the possible rationale for another’s candidacy?

Finally, Paradise Valley is already a terrific place.  Unlike many other, if not most communities, major reforms and changes are not needed.  The job of the council, and certainly the Mayor, is just not to screw it up.  In other words, be a careful custodian for “the best small town in America,” as Mayor Collins has taken to calling Paradise Valley.
No one embodies this more than Bien-Willner.  And it’s why, to parody a song from the monster musical, that Hamilton’s on his side.