Jennifer Petersen: SUSD Governing Board Unanimously Endorsed My Campaign

As you know, the cornerstones of my campaign are education and economic development. Two weeks ago, the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce endorsed my campaign for my pro-business, sustainable economic development vision. This week, I am honored to announce the Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board has unanimously endorsed my campaign for City Council because I understand the critical role that strong schools play in our community’s future and quality of life. We cannot have an A+ economy without A+ schools.
“Jennifer Petersen is a thoughtful, dedicated, and talented leader who studiously considers the impact of her decisions. She would be the best steward of our city and its resources.”
– Bonnie Sneed, SUSD Governing Board President
“I have agreat respect for the leadership, integrity and the vision of Jennifer Petersen. Jennifer will bring a positive voice to the Scottsdale City Council. I support her campaign.”
– Denny Brown, SUSD Governing Board Vice President
“Jennifer Petersen brought a sense of energy to her role on the Scottsdale Unified School District’s governing board. Not just a positive energy, but a pragmatism to get things done, to cooperate, to build consensus so both sides walk away winners. She brought passion to see that our students receive the best education available to be prepared for the future. Just imagine what she can do on the City Council. I enthusiastically support Jennifer for Scottsdale City Council.”
– George Jackson, SUSD Governing Board member
“I’ve known Jennifer Petersen for several years and am continually inspired by her tremendous vision and her eye for fiscal responsibility. She’s smart, tough and determined. Jennifer has taken on big challenges and produced results. She knows what it takes to bring separate viewpoints together for a common vision. She will bring these skills to bear for the Scottsdale City Council and help guide Scottsdale into the future.”
– Pam Kirby, SUSD Governing Board member and former president, former PV Town Council member
“Jennifer Peterson is a respected and proven advocate for Scottsdale families. Her dedication to accountable governance and her clear understanding of the issues affecting our community make her the right choice for City Council.”
– Barbara Perleberg, SUSD Governing Board member