It Appears To Be Time For Dembow To Go In Paradise Valley

Can anyone think of a more decrepit thing for a politician to do than to remove a memorial cross to a dead person in the community he represents?

Yet, that is what Paradise Valley Councilman Paul Dembow was recently accused of doing by Judith Brown whose father was killed by Dembow’s daughter in a car accident.

When asked if it was he who stole the memorial Dembow denied it to the Paradise Valley Independent saying, “the unrecognizable figure in the grainy night video was not me.” Click here to read the full story.

But now the Scottsdale Police Department, which is handling the investigation, says it now has probable cause to charge Dembow, contradicting Dembow’s assertion. Click here to read the full article from the Scottsdale Independent.

Photo Credit: NewsBreak App

. If Dembow not only undertook this disgusting act but then lied about it to the public, media and Paradise Valley voters– as now appears to be the case according to the police — he needs to be removed from office by his peers.  Not censured.  Not allowed a graceful retirement as he nears the last year of his current term.  Removed.  Collegial enabling and tolerance by fellow councilmembers and senior staff – as has occurred in the past — would be nearly as bad as Dembow’s lack of decency and decorum.

Indeed, Dembow doesn’t even have the guts to speak to local reporters after purportedly lying, now ducking instead behind his lawyers. But who needs a lawyer if you didn’t steal a cross? Just say so.

Dembow has been a dispensable embarrassment to Paradise Valley for some time.  While not quite the tip of the iceberg his latest ethical lapse appears titanic.

If he really loves Paradise Valley, trope you hear Dembow say at campaign time, he would do the community a favor and resign immediately. A political future, which he often talks about, is over. If Dembow refuses to resign, he should be removed by a Town Council which surely has the ethical excellence other municipal councils have shown when the morally infirmed were in their midst. Don’t wait until council vacation is over in August.  Do it now.  And then appoint someone who will make everyone quickly forget Dembow and his apparent malfeasance.