Is Scottsdale Ever Going To Do Anything About The Poaching Of Its Name? Can They?

If the City of Scottsdale was a private company it would have, and should have, sued numerous companies and cities for violating its intellectual property.
Because “Scottsdale” is a notable brand many others have appropriated it.
Consider the concentration of automobile dealers along Scottsdale Road near the Loop 101.  Their edifices even tout “North Scottsdale.”  Yet, that side of the road is actually in the City of Phoenix with car sales accruing revenues to it.
Then there is the Westin Kierland Resort also near Scottsdale Road.  It too brands itself as “Scottsdale.”  But it’s not. It’s Phoenix.
But the most egregious example of all may have been reported just today by the Arizona Republic. Here’s a link.
Its article described an acquisition of the Montelucia Resort and Spa in Paradise Valley, Arizona noting it will be renamed the Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia.   Notwithstanding that mouthful the property sits some 3 miles from the closest Scottsdale border.  Three miles. 
Lawyers writing this editorial we are not.  But surely Mayor Lane or someone in Scottsdale leadership should talk to its legal department about what steps can be taken to prevent the rather expansive use of its name.
Remember the umbrage taken by city officials when Cave Creek contemplated co-opting its “West’s Most Western Town” slogan.  Well, how about some more justifiable outrage when it comes to real imposters.