Why I'm supporting Andy Biggs

By Congressman Matt Salmon
I invite you to take a moment to watch my video message about why I am supporting Andy Biggs to replace me as your next Congressman.
Click here to view the video
There are plenty of candidates who run for office to fulfill their lifelong ambitions or dreams – Andy Biggs is not one of them. Andy is running because he believes it is his sense of duty to fight for us in Washington.
I’ve known Andy Biggs for several years and I know he is the right kind of principled conservative that we need in Congress. Andy will continue the fight against the Washington establishment who just want to go along, to get along. 
How do I know  this? Because he has a proven record of taking on politicians from both sides of the aisle when they want to spend more, tax more and grow government.
I’m proud to serve as Andy Biggs’ campaign chairman, and I hope you will join me in supporting him and sharing this video message with your friends, neighbors and family members so we can send him back to Congress and  get our country back on the right path.
Matt Salmon