I am Surprised, just like you. How to Vote.

By Tucson for Romney
Dear Friend,
If you have already voted in the Arizona 2016 Republican Presidential Primary, you can ignore this email.
I am surprised that I am dusting off this email address, but after listening to Mitt Romney and watching what has happened, I felt it time to make a suggestion to my many friends.
Like you, I have been wondering how to make my vote count.
Arizona is a Winner-Take-All state, meaning whoever wins the popular vote will receive all 58 of the delegates.  There is no splitting of the delegate votes in Arizona.  It appears that means the vote will come down to one of two candidates.
I am waiting for March 16th, the day after the Ohio Primary to make my final decision.
If you still have your ballot, and if Mr. Trump is the front-runner, I encourage you to vote for the Number Two candidate on March 16th as an early ballot voter, or on March 22nd at the Arizona polls.
As Governor Romney has said, we are voting for the leader of the free world, and either Senator Cruz, Senator Rubio, or Governor Kasich will be an excellent choice.
Thank you.