The Hypocrite’s Hilarious Hyperventilators

There’s no greater defender of Scottsdale’s ultimate politician, mayoral candidate Bob Littlefield, than John Washington, the political gadfly who lost to current Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane by 30 points in 2012.
Like Littlefield, Washington thinks Scottsdale never does anything right despite public sentiment and evidence to the contrary.
And he, like Littlefield, love to dish it out but they sure have a hard time taking it when justifiable criticism arrives to refute his rhetorical incontinence.
Take a recent Washington missive where he pushes back after a Mayor Lane email broadside against Littlefield for being on all sides of just about every issue.
Washington takes his usual jabs at a Lane campaign consultant for owning a polo event and participating in a voter-approved marketing fund for the event for 3 years, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Littlefield himself voted for the funds all three 3 years he sat on the city council, even advantaging the event for complimentary VIP tickets.
Lane’s eblast also raised questions about Littlefield’s contributions and special interests he favors.  The incumbent said something along the lines of Littlefield’s largest contributors over the years being “anti-business unions.”
So what does Washington do rather than review Littlefield’s campaign reports?  He launches into la-la land suggesting Lane is referencing police unions because they crack down on bars and restaurants in downtown Scottsdale?!
Wow.  Someone actually wrote that.  Then again Washington was probably the first one in line at Harkins Theatres when Independence Day returned last month because he wanted to see on the big screen what his little head actually believes:  aliens are coming to Earth.
It would have taken Washington all of two seconds, as it did us, to see Lane was likely referencing a PAC contribution from the United Food & Commercial Worker’s Union. Lane probably needs to spell that out more clearly next time but there’s little doubt that union is no friend to business, even at one time trying to sabotage Basha’s grocery stores with an insidiously bogus claim about baby formula. 
Finally, knowing how absurd it would be to have Bob Littlefield serving as Mayor while his wife Kathy is Vice Mayor (which she now is) Washington plays the gender card. It’s sexist to make such a claim, the loquacious blogger asserts. Really?  Would it be sexist to question Nancy Pelosi’s husband serving as Minority Leader?  Or what about Lane’s wife being Vice Mayor? Neither of those scenarios would be appropriate. We thinks Washington goes to the gutter on this front because he knows deep down what a problem it is as voters start to focus on the race and this issue.
But it’s what Washington doesn’t write that’s particularly noteworthy.  The Lane diatribe mentioned Littlefield’s hypocrisy criticizing apartment development in Scottsdale these days when he was actually the godfather of it all over a decade ago when he approved not one but the two tallest apartment projects in Scottsdale history.  And then he invoked an emergency clause to stop irate residents from blocking the project via the constitutional referendum process.
Yes, the hyperventilators for Scottsdale’s Chief Hypocrite, Bob Littlefield, really are quite funny.  Especially when they’re speechless.