Be Part of History and Help Name Two New Baby Mountain Lions Now Being Cared for by Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

Voting for Naming the Mountain Lions Opened on August 26th and Ends on September 9th

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center invites the public to join them in an inspiring journey of rescue, resilience, and community as they launch a naming contest for two adorable baby mountain lions. This unique initiative not only celebrates the remarkable survival story of these young cubs but also raises vital funds to support their care and development.

Months in the making, the Arizona Game & Fish Department reached out to Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, regarding the arrival of two orphaned baby mountain lions, mere weeks old. Arizona Game & Fish Department’s wildlife biologists discovered the mother of the kittens was fatally injured in a car collision.

Despite her injuries, the mother’s indomitable maternal instinct compelled her to make a final, determined journey back to her den in a bid to reach her kittens.

Tragically, the mother passed away just as she reached her cubs, but her courageous act set in motion a life-saving mission. The orphaned brothers were brought into the care of the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, where they now thrive under the vigilant care of dedicated staff and volunteers.

Transitioned to a spacious indoor enclosure, the young mountain lions receive meticulous care, protection from extreme temperatures, vaccinations, and endless opportunities for growth and development. While they may never experience the nurturing of their mother in the wild, they have found a loving sanctuary environment that will be their forever home.

With the future of these two cubs taking shape as permanent sanctuary residents, the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center is calling upon the community to help name these baby cubs. Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center’s staff and volunteers have curated three sets of names, and the contest opened on Saturday, August 26th for the public to cast their votes and choose their favorite names. The names to vote on are Apache & Alpine, Zion & Bryce, and Echo & Dash.

To cast your vote and help support these two adorable cubs, please visit:

Each vote cast counts as a monetary donation directly contributing to the conservation and care of these baby mountain lions. There is no limit to the number of votes one can cast, so vote away!

“We are so excited to release this news as it will not only educate the public but also raise much-needed funds for these animals and everything we do here at Southwest Wildlife.  We are excited about the journey ahead in helping to raise and rehabilitate the two cubs here at Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center,” said Founder and Director Linda Searles.

Join Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in preserving the legacy of love and devotion left behind by the mother mountain lion and ensure a bright future for these two new arrivals.

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