Hamway Receives Endorsements from Republican Council Members

March 20, 2014
From Elect Mary Hamway
PHOENIX (Thursday, March 20, 2014) – Former Vice Mayor and Councilwoman for the Town of Paradise Valley Mary Hamway announced the endorsements from five Republican council members in her bid for the Arizona House in District 28. Hamway released the endorsements from the following Republican council members:
•Vice Mayor Michael Collins
•Councilman Paul Dembow
•Councilman Dan Schweiker
•Councilman David Sherf
•Councilwoman Lisa Trueblood
These endorsements come after the Hamway campaign recently announced support from eight Republican Mayors.
“Mary is about results and moving our state forward, not backward,” said Vice Mayor Michael Collins. “Mary has the right priorities for District 28 and has the experience and know-how to implement them.”
“I had the opportunity to serve with Mary on the Paradise Valley Town Council and have always known her for her honesty, integrity, and passion for public service,” said Councilwoman Lisa Trueblood. “Those qualities, combined with her experience, make Mary the best choice for District 28.”
Councilman Dan Schweiker added, “I support Mary’s candidacy because of her commitment to creating quality jobs for Arizonans and improving our education system. Mary understands we need to be a leader in job creation and education for Arizona to prosper.”
Mary Hamway concluded, “It is an honor to have the support of such dedicated public servants. I am proud to have their support and trust, and as State Representative, I will fight to protect local municipalities from government overreach by our state.”