Guest Editorial: The Wall That Divides Both Sides

By: Adelyn Ray

The issue of who is funding the ever-elusive borderwall has caused quite an up-roar. An uproar so loud, it rang the ears of Washington, D.C. itself. Unable to come to a sound decision, the United States government has found itself at a stalemate. Closer to the Valley, however, Senators Krysten Sinema and Senator Martha McSally offer dividing viewpoints on this pressing issue.

Sinema has expressed she does not support funding for the borderwall, as she states, “The wall is a waste of taxpayer money that will not ever be built and won’t keep us safe.”

McSally, on the other hand praised the defensive efforts of President Trump’s wall. She is in full support of funding the border wall, and even suggests that building an additional wall between California and Arizona may be a good idea to, “keep the criminals out of our state.”

However, since the government shutdown, it seems to be that each of our Senators remain silent.

During President Trump’s campaign, Governor Doug Ducey wasn’t for the wall. He believed there could be other measures taken to secure our borders. After the election however, he expressed that he supports the wall “as long as it benefits Arizona.” Recently, he seems to be in full support of a border wall. Something important to remember as well is Mexico is huge trading partner for AZ. To me, that seems like it would put a significant dent in our trade relationship with Mexico.

There seems to have been talk of a wall since the beginning of Trump’s reign and at this point, I am unsure if the wall will ever be built before his term is over. Not only does it seem like a distant dream, but the funds just don’t seem to be making themselves present, the government doesn’t seem to be able to come to any type of agreement, and in turn resulting in a government shutdown, loss of jobs, and mostly, hope for a sufficient outcome. By building a wall it would be an immense waste of tax payers money, time, and resources.