Guest Editorial: Tempe Thoughts You May Like to Know

By The Tempe Tree  

I recently became aware of some interesting poll results regarding the City of Tempe. The poll was apparently conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, once of the nation’s leading such companies.  

In a poll of 300 likely Tempe voters, Public Opinion Strategies found that Tempe residents feel positive about their city’s future with 74 percent of respondents saying that things in Tempe are going in the right direction, with only 16 percent say things have gotten off on the wrong track.

Public Opinions Strategies also asked whether Tempe voters have a favorable or unfavorable impression of the current Tempe City Council. Below are the results.

The questions were supposedly asked as part of a broader poll on a medical marijuana issue in Tempe, including a proposed site on Priest Drive in a retail office/media complex. Both the site and program were overwhelmingly supported I am told.