Guest Editorial: Swim Like A Champion TODAY!

By Scottsdale Watchman

The preamble on Scottsdale Aquatic Club’s landing page says it all. “We are Scottsdale Aquatic Club. As a TEAM, we develop champions in the pool and in life by creating a positive environment that inspires the dreams of swimmers at all competitive levels.

At last weekend’s Rochester Speedo Sectionals, known as the Central Zone Section 1 Championships, Scottsdale Aquatic Club achieved astounding results. The club won both the women’s and combined competitions and the men’s squad finished third.

Preparing and leading Scottsdale swimmers for victory is nothing new for this local non-profit organization. For 55 years, Scottsdale Aquatic Club has entered into fee agreements annually with Scottsdale which allow it to shepherd and manage aquatic activities across the city. Since 1964, Scottsdale Aquatic Club instructors have coached thousands of Scottsdale swimmers. Several swimmers have competed in the Olympic Games and world championship swim meets.

We’re proud of Scottsdale Aquatic Club’s swimmers and coaches who have successfully tuned out distractions and have focused on winning. It can be hard to concentrate on training when there are outside distractions. A for-profit business entity, Neptune, has stirred up the waters, making all sorts of allegations against the institution that is Scottsdale Aquatic Club. Fortunately for Scottsdale citizens, none of these complaints have held water. Neptune’s “spokespeople” have been swimming against the current. Read here and here.

The relationship between the City of Scottsdale and Scottsdale Aquatic Club is built on pillars of trust and cooperation that took decades to develop. Scottsdale Aquatic Club’s fee arrangement is similar to fee arrangements in other cities. Furthermore, Scottsdale Aquatic Club serves citizens from across the city. Neptune, on the other hand, is seeking a clear lane to operate pools in wealthier parts of Scottsdale, while neglecting aquatic centers in the city’s southern portion.

Scottsdale Aquatic Club’s newest fee agreement extension commences on July 1st. We can’t wait to cheer on Scottsdale Aquatic Club swimmers as they continue to make a splash on the national stage.