Guest Editorial: Solving Scottsdale’s Parking Problems, One App At A Time

By Scottsdale Pinetop
“There’s never anywhere to park!” How many times have we heard it?
It’s a traditional complaint for any lively city and one that Old Town Scottsdale has been battling for years. As a new wave of people flood to Scottsdale to live, work and play, Scottsdale’s lack of parking spaces has caused headaches for businesses, residents and visitors alike.
But a new smartphone app could change all that. The new mobile app, Parker™ by Streetline, seeks to give Scottsdale a 21st century solution in managing its parking problems.
The goal of Streetline is to help motorists find parking in the downtown area as they become available. The system works by sensing when spaces are occupied or available in real time with location markers for drivers. Businesses can encourage customers to visit their store by publishing publish available parking spots near their store on their website.

Authorization for this one-year pilot program was passed by a 5-1 City Council vote. During this trial process, city officials will receive detailed traffic statistics that will hopefully address the parking needs of the area.
Between bike share, Lyft, walkability, and automated vehicles, the future of cars has never been so uncertain. With more residents utilizing the convenience of Lyft and the bright green and yellow bikes, the need for parking in downtown Scottsdale may diminish. But it is still unclear how quickly and to what extent that will happen. For now, this app may be Scottsdale’s best opportunity to address its parking concerns. So thank you Scottsdale City Council for addressing the concerns of many motorists and for continuing to make Scottsdale one of the best, and most innovative, cities in America.