Guest Editorial: So Lost. So Far Away

By The Happy Wanderer

Scottsdale’s residents are some of Arizona’s most well-informed and eloquent citizens. But occasionally, you get a resident who expresses a preposterous perspective. AJ Germek’s recent editorial in The Scottsdale Independent fits into this category of odd critiques. Here’s a link to it.

In his opinion piece, he goes on a rampage against the proposed Museum Square development. To refresh, Museum Square’s creators will convert the ABANDONED Loloma bus station into a groundbreaking development on downtown Scottsdale’s far southern edge. There’s been a groundswell of support for Museum Square from downtown residents, theater groups, museums, businesses such as the Larsen Art Gallery and the Legacy Gallery and most of our city’s elected officials. The most vocal opponents we’ve encountered? The pigeons who have used Loloma’s parking lot as a nesting ground.

Let’s return to Mr. Germek’s editorial. The main thrust of his opposition is that he’s against the heights proposed. He writes, “the buildings are too tall and completely out of character with their surroundings,” and that allowing a building with such a height “will enable future developers to abandon lower level buildings that give Old Town its character.” Consider they are no taller than heights next door at HonorHealth or at the Scottsdale Waterfront.  

Mr. Germek may be excused for his far-out views because he lives so far out. You see, he lives off 114th Street in North Scottsdale up by Taliesin West and within the Ancala Country Club. His home is nowhere near Museum Square. He lives closer to the real AJ, Apache Junction, than he does Museum Square. We are tempted to say how many miles away he lives “as the crow flies,” but we are not sure crows can fly that far.

“Lost” was once an interesting and hit television show. And it’s an apt description of Germek’s geographic inanity.