Guest Editorial: Small, Important Step for the Scottsdale Gallery Association

By: Scottsdale Pinetop
A simple vote by the Scottsdale City Council may seem like a small step for progress. But when trying foster improvements between government and businesses, it can make all the difference in the world. This week, the City Council voted correctly to approve a $30,000 matching fund agreement with the Scottsdale Gallery Association in an attempt to re-brand and showcase Old Town Scottsdale.
In a place that embraces innovation and creativity, it’s no surprise that art is found on nearly every street corner in Scottsdale. The Scottsdale Gallery Association has spent years improving the arts district to become the unique place that it is today. It hosts numerous events including the weekly Thursday Night Art walk – which stands as the longest running event of its kind in the U.S.
However, the Gallery Association often does not receive the attention and assistance it deserves.
For the past few years, local enthusiasts have expressed their anger that the City of Scottsdale tends to promote big private galleries and often neglects the needs of smaller ones. So they decided to take action. Last year, fellow artists came together to create the 2018 Visitor’s Guide that illustrates all elements of downtown Scottsdale.
And this week they finally had their voices heard. Thanks to the City Council, Scottsdale has started moving forward with the printing the first 35,000 copies of a Visitor’s Guide. It is expected to be distributed throughout the metropolitan area.
One thing is certain, without the arts district Old Town Scottsdale would not be the same, nor would tourism. Old Town Scottsdale is unlike any place in Arizona. Some exciting additions are on the way. But for now and the future, it’s good to know the city is doing what it can to accentuate the heartbeat of our city.