Guest Editorial: Scottsdale For All

By Scottsdale Pinetop
The conversation about diversity and inclusion is growing. The push for racial, ethnic and gender equality is now one of the top issues facing the country today. And it’s only getting louder. Yet, talk does not always lead to action.
That’s why some in Scottsdale are making a statement: “Scottsdale For All.”

You may have seen these new posters pop up all over town. Roughly 80 businesses from Old Town to north Scottsdale have joined the movement to support diversity and inclusion. These new posters include Scottsdale residents of various abilities, races and genders standing together in front of the city’s famous LOVE sculpture. The hope? To spread a message of inclusiveness in Scottsdale.
Arizona is one of 25 states that does not offer nondiscrimination policies that would protect LGBTQ people nor does it prohibit the firing of a person because of their sexual orientation. But some Arizona cities have pushed back. Phoenix, Tucson, and Tempe have banned discrimination against sexual orientation or gender identity in places of in employment, housing and public areas.
But like many social changes, it often starts at the local level. Earlier this year, Scottsdale City Council members sent a letter to state lawmakers calling for a statewide nondiscrimination policy protecting the LGBTQ community. For years, Scottsdale elected leaders have punted the idea of enforcing nondiscrimination policies for the same community. “Scottsdale For All” might be the first steps at unifying a divided Scottsdale.
Scottsdale is a community of people, each with their own unique stories – a place for all. We hope that Scottsdale continues to be more inclusive and finds way to celebrate our diversity whether it is race, religion, socioeconomic status, politics or…sexuality.