Guest Editorial: Red Lights Turns Green for Scottsdale

By Scottsdale Pinetop
All drivers have been there – running late for work and getting stuck at a red light waiting for it to change.  Only to go through the same situation a few blocks down.
Thanks to the initiative and innovation of the City of Scottsdale, many commuters will be enjoying shorter travel times and easier commutes.
For the past two-years, various traffic specialists have analyzed a series of factors that affect traffic such as patterns in lagging or leading left-turn arrows. Analysts are attempting to reduce wait times along 15 high-traffic Scottsdale corridors.

Some of the major improvements include a 19% faster commute along Scottsdale Road between Frank Lloyd Wright and Shea and shortening travel times along Hayden between McKellips and Indian Bend by a 2.2 minute reduction. However, some routes will end up being moderately longer as the trade-off to create major improvements.
The project is expected to be completed in May with the goal to improve commuter times in Scottsdale by 10%. So far, all assessments have exceeded expectations.
Besides the benefits of saving travel time, shorter travel times and fewer stops also reduce fuel consumption and air pollution. There’s no question that Scottsdale traffic has increased in the past decade and increased blood pressures for many Scottsdalians. So thank you Scottsdale City Council for addressing the concerns of many motorists and for continuing to make Scottsdale one of the best cities in America.