Guest Editorial: Rabbit’s Foot

By Scottsdale Pinetop
As the lore goes, touching the foot of a rabbit three or four times will bring good luck. Actors have been known to stroke a bunny’s paw before going on stage or filming a big scene. Athletic coaches often wear out several rabbit’s feet during a single season. While the superstition of the rabbit’s foot has changed over the years, the furry little foot remains one of the most popular of “good-luck charms” throughout the world.
So what does this have to do with Scottsdale?
By now, some may have noticed the newest art addition on the southwest corner of Marshall Way and Indian School, thanks to the efforts of Linda Milhaven and Scottsdale City Council. “One Eyed Jack” is a 26 foot tall jackrabbit keeping watch over the art gallery district in Old Town. But serving as more than a spectacular piece of public art, One-Eyed Jack might just bring some good luck to residents and tourists alike.

I decided to try it out myself. Shortly after its installation last week, I visited One-Eyed Jack looking for some extra luck. With a little less than $100 in my wallet, I went to a local casino hoping to win big. My first spin on a Black and White Seven Triple slot machine triggered a bonus round and I hit a $1,500 win. Deciding not to push my luck, I cashed out for the night only to find a $50 bill on the ground in the parking lot. Random coincidence? We will leave that for you to decide.
So is Scottsdale’s new rabbit lucky? Yes. No. Maybe. Not sure.  Go touch the rabbit’s foot and find out for yourself.