Guest Editorial: “Nipple Rings Anyone?” Not the Next Great Experience Scottsdale Slogan

By Scottsdale Watchman

Can you imagine what the Venus de Milo would look like with nipple rings? Well, Scottsdale residents don’t have to venture too far to do so. Right in the heart of the jewel of the Southwest, Old Town Scottsdale, there’s an eyesore that draws away from the rest of the beauty that surrounds it in “the West’s Most Western Town.” This blemish is known as Club Tattoo and it operates a stone’s throw away from world-class art galleries, restaurants, shops and museums.

Don’t get us wrong, Club Tattoo isn’t a reviled business. On Yelp, we see that it has a “4.5/5” rating with more than 75 reviews. Notwithstanding the positive comments, a deeper dive reveals that the “artistic” services offered by Club Tattoo won’t be featured on the Scottsdale ArtWalk anytime soon.

Want a nose ring or ear stretching gauges? Stop by Club Tattoo on a Saturday night. Desire a tattoo that’s an outline of the state of New Jersey? Just venture through the doors of the shady looking store off Winfield Scott Plaza. Are you even thinking of getting your nipples pierced, but are pondering the pain? Don’t fret. Club Tattoo has got you covered as the artists there will pierce your doubts as well as your areola.

Scottsdale is Arizona’s premier tourist destination. Nearly five million people from across the world visit annually. When they leave and go back to their respective hometowns, they surely tell their friends and family members about how dazzling the Canal Convergence is; the posh shopping experience at Fashion Square; and how memorable and majestic it is to witness the sunrise while hiking the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

Do we really want our city’s visitors to also reminisce about eating dinner at any one of Old Town’s fine dining establishments all while witnessing a group of people that looked like audience members of a Marilyn Manson concert congregating outside a tattoo parlor?

When a person gets his nipple pierced, the person doing the piercing will tell his customer what sort of creams or balms to apply in order to reduce the chance of permanent scarring. Scottsdale needs some of that balm too.