Guest Editorial: New BASIS Campus Great News For Scottsdale

By Scottsdale Pinetop
When it comes to charter schools people either celebrate them as an alternative to underachieving public schools or accuse them as a flawed outcome in failed education reform. Regardless of opinion, it’s hard to discredit charter schools’ growth throughout the U.S.
Leading the way is the BASIS Curriculum Schools network, regarded as the best charter school system in the country. BASIS Schools continue to excel against any standard – high Advanced Placement results, consistent national rankings and high college admission rates. Currently, BASIS serves over twenty thousand students and its influence only continues to grow.
Coming this fall, BASIS will be opening its doors to its third open-enrollment, tuition free public charter school in Scottsdale. Located in northern Scottsdale, BASIS Scottsdale Primary – West Campus will be serving over 350 student in kindergarten through 4th grade. BASIS Scottsdale Primary will be the network’s 21st charter campus in Arizona.

In 1998, Michael and Olga Block opened their first BASIS charter school in Tucson with the intention of creating an environment that educated students at an internationally-competitive level. After its successes in Tucson, BASIS expanded and opened its first location in Scottsdale in 2003. Today, the BASIS network has expanded beyond Arizona borders opening schools in California, New York, Virginia, Washington D.C. and two international schools in China – becoming exceptional educational experts of Arizona’s.
While the expansion of voucher programs and school choice continues to be a hot topic approaching Arizona’s November ballot, BASIS is a prime example of what high expectations combined with the freedom of choice can do. Today there’s a significant gap between what schools teach and what is required by society. BASIS schools are filling that gap. BASIS charter schools outcomes should be recognized for their remarkable advancements in improving the educational system and their dedication to developing exceptional students. Critics of change and reform will always take shots at the sirens of success like BASIS. But in basketball terms, all BASIS teachers, students and parents ever need to offer as a rejoinder is “scoreboard.”